Established in 1850 through the merger of the Osprey City Courier and the Osprey Daily Gazette, the Osprey Courier-Gazette has proudly provided the people of Osprey City with accurate and accessible information about the day’s important events.

In 2005, the Courier-Gazette launched its digital version to provide instant access to its readers from any device, on the go. The news may come faster, but we at the Courier-Gazette are no less committed to the accuracy of our reporting.

Any questions or comments may be directed to ospreycouriergazette@gmail.com.

Ok, so what is this really about?
The Osprey Courier-Gazette is the newspaper of note in Osprey City, the setting for my forthcoming comic, Rotten Roots. Rotten Roots is about Detective Mark Robles, a recent transfer to Osprey City PD, and his first case, which involves the murder of the patriarch of one of the city’s most influential and important families, the Woods. As Robles searches for the killer, his investigation takes him through Wood family history – a tale of one family’s rise to power through nearly 400 years of betrayal, schemes, and murder.

In the coming weeks, this site will introduce you to some of locations, players, and dynamics of Osprey City. Our Kickstarter is now live, so if you like what you see here and want to read more, you can take an active role in making Rotten Roots a reality!


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