From the OCG Archives – Part 1

Many of our readers should be aware that the Osprey Courier-Gazette emerged out of the 1850 merger of the Osprey City Courier and the Osprey Daily Gazette. Since then, it has been the paper of note in Osprey City and the Osprey Bay area. We are fortunate that both this paper and its predecessors kept comprehensive archives, so that the history of our city and nation would not be lost.

It has been a dream of this paper to make those archives available to the public online, at no charge. Thanks to a generous donation from the Wood Foundation, that dream is quickly becoming a reality. Over the past year, our archivists at the Osprey Courier-Gazette have been busy digitizing past issues. In honor of this project, we will be presenting select issues from our archives for special presentation here on our website.

Our first entry in this series is also one of our earliest. Until 1780, the Osprey City Courier was called the Osprey Weekly Courier. It was the first newspaper in Osprey City, and was founded in 1730 by Benjamin McGrath, a printer operating out of his shop on Taylor Street. This particular issue reports on many of the happenings in Osprey in July of 1775, but also contains reports from across the colonies regarding the Battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown (June 17, 1775). The second page contains advertisements and notifications from many residents of Osprey and the surrounding area. Residents might be surprised by what they find for sale in the area at that time, and a lucky few might see names they recognize as members of their own family!

We hope you enjoy this series, and we sincerely thank the Wood Foundation for making this possible.

 Osprey Weekly Courier – July 3, 1775


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