City Archive Holds Fundraiser for Museum

The Osprey City Archive held a fundraising gala last week for its museum project. The Archive, a private enterprise, collects documents and artifacts related to the growth and development of Osprey City and is affiliated with the Osprey Museum of the American Revolution (OMAR). “While OMAR is focused on a relatively short, but vital, period in the city’s history,” commented Peter Haversham, director of the Archive, “the Museum of Osprey City will offer a more comprehensive view across centuries, as well as a vision of the future, thanks to generous donations from Wood Industries and LaFrance Robotics.” The Archive hopes to raise $4.6 million by mid-November, and based on the turnout at the gala, it looks on track to reach that goal.

Though the gala attracted some of Osprey City’s most wealthy and powerful, including members of the Wood and Smithson families, the Archive is calling on all residents of the city to donate to the museum fund. Haversham stated, “this is not merely a history of Osprey’s well-off, but a history of all of us; our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers – stretching back to the very earliest years of European settlement on Cape Cod.” The Archive is also accepting family artifacts and documents for use in the Museum’s exhibits. In return for donations, the Archive offers exclusive prints of some of its most valuable artwork, opportunities to have exhibits named after donors, small gifts from the Archive, and copies of Archive publications.

Planned exhibits include a reproduction 17th-century Separatist (or Pilgrim) home based on archaeological evidence on the proposed site for the Museum, shipbuilding material from a Revolutionary War-era shipyard, and naval arms and uniforms from the Civil War. “Much of Osprey’s legacy is tied to the sea,” explained Haversham. “Fishing, whaling, naval combat, shipping – the growth and prosperity of Osprey City has largely stemmed from our access to the wider world via the ocean.” According to the Archive’s prospectus, the Museum and a few select exhibits will open in mid-March. Those interested in donating can do so via the Archive’s website here.


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