Church Celebrates 390th Birthday

The First Congregationalist Church of Osprey is preparing to mark its 390th year of operation with a major celebration. The second-oldest congregation in Massachusetts, the church was established in 1626 with the founding of Osprey by Separatist colonists from Plymouth. The First Congregationalist Church has occupied the same address for all of its 390 years, and the same building since 1901.

Minister John L. Peters, speaking before a cluster of reporters, expressed his joy in “celebrating such a momentous anniversary.” Congregationalist ministers from around the nation will gather for the occasion, and local researchers will compose essays that center on the long history of the Church and its congregation. “The history of the First Congregationalist and the history of Osprey City are deeply intertwined, back to the earliest days of this country,” explained Bill Gordon, local librarian and volunteer at the Osprey Historical Society.

At the celebration, Minister Peters will be accepting donations for a commissioned mural of the founding of the church, including a depiction of the church’s first leader, Minister James Wright. Though mention of Minister Wright disappears around 1630, baptism records indicate that Wright was head of the congregation at its establishment. “What we lack right now, apart from the funds,” commented Minister Peters, “is a clear description of what Minister Wright looked like.” Archivists will be trawling through the records at the Historical Society, but anyone with any documents that might help in the process are asked to contact Minister Peters at the First Congregationalist Church of Osprey.


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