Residents Prepare for Much-Needed Spring

After numerous nor’easters and over 50 inches in snowfall, it appears that winter has ended in Osprey City, and that spring is finally here.  Residents are emerging from their homes to take in much-needed sunlight, and shedding their heavy winter coats for lighter jackets.

“I think I broke two shovels this winter,” remarked longtime Osprey resident Andrew McCrimmon.  “This was perhaps one of the worst [winters] I’ve seen in 10 years.”  McCrimmon stated that he is most looking forward to being able to use his backyard and light up his grill.  Others in the city are quickly taking advantage of the weather by walking in Osprey’s various parks and brushing the dust from their bicycles.

The city was able to keep up with snow removal and road salting without going over budget, an impressive accomplishment given the heavy snowfall.  “Since the 2012-2013 winter was so mild, we were fortunate in that we could roll the remainder of last winter’s budget into this years,” explained Dir. Phil Sheldon of the Public Works Field Operations Division.  “It was close, though.  We’ve expended roughly 94% of the budget.”  Dir. Sheldon warned that another heavy snowstorm would require Public Works to re-appropriate funds from another part of their budget.

Residents are reminded to exercise caution driving on the roads over the next few weeks, as there may be increased numbers of cyclists with various degrees of street experience and more pedestrians taking advantage of the improved weather.

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