New Revolutionary War Exhibit Opens

Local dignitaries, historians, and Revolutionary War enthusiasts gathered last night at the Osprey Museum of the American Revolution to celebrate the opening of a new exhibit focusing on one of Osprey City’s leading patriots, Roger Wood.  The exhibit was made possible through the generous donation of funds and artifacts by Adam Wood, CFO of Wood Industries and heir to the Wood family fortune.

Speaking before the assembled guests, Mr. Wood explored the purpose of the exhibit. “Beyond the obvious importance of understanding and remembering our national history,” explained Wood, “this exhibit stands as a testament to our forefathers’ dedication to democracy and liberty.  This is not just a story of my ancestor, but one of all of our ancestors.”

Mayor Kelly also addressed the attendees and spoke to the educational value of the exhibit and the museum. “In this day and age, so few are aware of or even appreciate the history of their own home. Mayor Kelly was “grateful to both Mr. Wood and the museum for their efforts in educating the citizens of Osprey about their heritage.” The mayor then awarded a certificate of appreciation from the city council to Mr. Wood.

Artifacts in the exhibit include a uniform and bayonet belonging to Roger Wood, an authentic battle flag from the Revolution, Wood’s personal copy of the Declaration of Independence, and schematics of a Continental Navy frigate. The centerpiece of the exhibit, however, is a large portrait of Roger Wood, dressed in his uniform. Wood was the local head of the Sons of Liberty, a shipbuilder for the Continental Navy, and an army officer towards the end of the war. After the United States achieved independence, Roger Wood served two terms in the state House of Representatives.

The Osprey Museum of the American Revolution is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In addition to the newly-opened Roger Wood exhibit, the museum also contains exhibits on colonial life before the Revolution, information on important battles of the war, and a small research and genealogical library.

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