Home Opener Ends in Extra Inning Win for Whalers

The weather was apparently nice enough yesterday to justify extra baseball, as the Osprey City Whalers scored a 2-run home run late in the 11th inning to give them the win over the Nashville Ramblers, 4-2, at Howard Field.

Recinos (SS) scored early for the Whalers in the game, with a walk-off home run in the 2nd inning. His efforts were followed by an RBI from Rodriguez (1B) in the 3rd. The early 2-0 lead was wiped out by the Ramblers in the top of the 4th with a deep triple by Satoru Oiishi (LF).

From there, the game transformed into a pitchers’ duel. Kendrick (RHP) allowed 4 hits, struck out 8, and allowed 2 walks. His Nashville counterpart, Pedro Rocha (RHP) allowed 5 hits, struck out 7, and allowed 1 walk. Both pitchers were retired in the 9th inning, Nelson (RHP) for the Whalers and Jorge Lopez (RHP) for the Ramblers.

The stalemate came to an end in the bottom of the 11th with 2 outs as Williams (2B) sent one to deep left field for the game-winning 2-run homer, which brought Lee (RF) in from 2nd.

“You know, half of batting is just waiting for the right pitch at the right time,” said Williams. “When I connected, I just had this good feeling.” Speaking to the effort of his team, Coach Rob Henry complemented “the way the team really worked together, gelling so well so early in the season, it’s good to see.”

The Whalers play the Ramblers again on Saturday at 7 PM, the first night game of the season for the Whalers.


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