Granger Transport Expands

Granger Transport (GRT), Osprey City’s largest industrial shipping company, is expanding its operations to the emerging markets in East Asia. The announcement came yesterday directly from Granger Transport’s president, Heather Granger. Granger Transport stocks jumped 5 percent in response to the news.

“We’re very excited to work with our new partners in China and South Korea,” commented Granger. “Our expansion will mean more efficient transporation and increased revenue. But more importantly, our expansion means more good, well-paying jobs for the people of Osprey.” Ms. Granger then introduced Mr. Chiou Dewei of Beijing and Mr. Pan Jeong Ho of Seoul as Granger Transport’s East Asian regional directors.

Wood Industries spun its own transport division out into Granger Transport in 1985. Originally captained by Michael Granger, leadership passed to his daughter Heather, upon Michael’s unfortunate 1998 death from a skiing accident in the Berkshires. Granger Transport remains a subsidiary of Wood Industries.


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